I have officially finished reading and watching Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I dont know what everyone in my class was complaining about, because I loved it!

Mr.Darcy is like my soul mate. He is perfect. I’ve liked him since page one, even when everyone else was commenting about how arrogant he was. The whole time I found him alluring and I wanted him. Then, once we watched the movie I was like Yum. I’d take that.

It doesnt help that I am alot like Elizabeth, with the exception that I have musical talent… The main thing is, is that I believe that we think simulary.

That is all, Just wanted to rant about how amazing Mr.Darcy is, and how I have dibbs 😉

Have you ever been in love with a ficticious charactor?

In the video, the best part starts at 1:00 or, 1:40 if you’re REALLY short on time. ❤


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