I’m a total music kid…

I’m such a music geek. Last night I had one of those moments that basically I just freaked out and got uber depressed for a few hours. I just sat and tried to think of the reasons why I did what I did. Why I spent my whole life doing music and performing things, why I picked those things over volleyball, why I hang out with the people who I hang out with, why I’m so innocent, ect.

I had a huge panic attack all because of the reason that I didnt know that answer to any of these questions. Well, I figured I’d try and answer one question at a time.

So the first question is: Why do you sing/spend all your time singing and doing musicals, jazz choir, ect.

The answer I finally came up with:

You want to know what I live for? I live for that perfect moment. That moment when the lights are hitting you just right, that your already warm body  hits the perfect temperature from the stage lights, that moment when you’re getting to the best part of the song and you can feel everything working together. Your lateral muscles expanding as you take your breath, and your feet firmly planted, yet wiskfully flying through the air to keep up with the other people dancing around you. That moment when you go for that one chord. That one magical chord or note where you hit it perfectly and it’s perfectly blended, and it rings out. Perfectly balanced, and just for one second everything freezes. You dont even realize that the sound is coming from you, and it feels like it lasts forever, and it just does that, lasts forever. rings. And when the measure comes to an end, the song comes to an end, you finally get placed back in reality.

Thats the moment I live for. That’s the feeling that makes it worth it. That perfect note. chord.  move. tone., blend. pitch. ring. Feeling.


Undefined Forces

If the walls that forbid us came tumbling down

would you be right beside me

would you be around?


If the force that defined us

one day came to a stop

would you make your way to me

would you be better then I thought?


If we got over the weakness

If we got stronger

would you grab my hand

and make this last a little longer..


If everybody

would just stop to see

The way I feel about you

and the way you feel about me…


If the passion inside us

couldnt keep us away

what would you give up

if I wanted you to stay

Hello world!

Today is 9/26/11 and entirely too cold to be fall.

I can’t even be positive and say “The sun will come out tomorrow”, because I live in Iowa. Iowa sucks. I’m one of those people who need the sun to ensure everything is going to be okay, tomorrow, if not today.

Amazing Song!

Thanks to the blog I just found ” JustMeAround ” I have came about this amazing song by a guy named Jon Schmidt. I’m hooked on it already.

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